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October 2, 2022: Added 5-letter non-word domain appraisal; increased precision. Enjoy!

Unfortunately we had to reduce the number of free appraisals per day, due to growing abuse of the tool.

Daily limit is now 8 appraisals.
We encourage those who need bulk appraisals, to subscribe to one of our affordable paid plans instead.

free domain appraisal tool

Free Domain Appraisal Tool

This free domain appraisal tool works with the following TLDs:
  • .COM (primary)
  • .NET, .ORG, .IO and .XYZ (secondary; approximated)

Disclaimer: These automated appraisals come with no guarantees. Use the information obtained from this tool at your own risk.

Also please read notes below before testing the tool.

Important Notes:
  • Our tool is optimized for .COM domains in English language, e.g.: FreeCheese.com, SuperCredit.com
  • This is a specialized appraisal tool geared towards better precision (wherever possible).
  • Any other TLDs than .COM are just approximated due to much smaller sales data available
  • Do not send automated queries to this tool, you will be banned. ( It won't work; we are watching usage closely. )
  • For Bulk Appraisals, simply Subscribe here. We have affordable pricing as you will see.
  • The tool is actively developed and improved. Appraisal output might vary over time.

Updates / Info
  • 02.10.2022: Added appraisal of brandable (non-word) 5-letter domains. Enjoy!
  • 12.09.2022: Single-word .COMs appraisal now active. Enjoy!
  • 29.08.2022: Liquid .COMs appraisal now active (4-letters only).
  • 25.08.2022: Improved appraisal for high-value 2-word .COM domains (range $5k ... $20K)
  • 24.08.2022: 3-word appraisal is now active
Caveats:In development queue:
  • This tool does not appraise the following (yet):
    • No 'meaningless' brandables, e.g. 'Google.com', 'CocaCola.com', 'azaobi.com' or whatnot
    • Numeric domains (except 4 digit ones, newly added)
    • No Adult domains = low sales, low acceptance in the market
  • Geo domains - this tool does not work correctly on geo domains. Such as 'BaltimoreCredit dot com' (random example); we do not store city names yet.
  • Domains with mix of letters and numbers = use at your own risk
  • .Org, .Net, .Xyz are approximated, as this tool focuses primarily on .COMs.
  • Appraisal of 3-letter .COMs
  • Appraisal of numeric domains
  • New feature: Similar domains that have sold will be shown

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