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About Dotible

domain bigdata Dotible.com is a bigdata technology startup operating in the domains and web data field. (beta stage)

We collect and process information about millions of domains as well as aggregate data from multiple third party sources in order to obtain the best results for our clients.

Data vault / Applications: Our large domains' and websites data vault holds a large variety of metadata on domains, internet websites, marketing resources and more. We collect gigabytes of fresh data from the Internet on a daily basis, available for querying and download as needed. We also offer a large number of various tools, both free and paid, usable in multiple verticals, such as security, web SEO, domain investing, web analytics and much more.

Services: Our databases are available for querying via complex search as well as API (coming soon).

Apart from the enterprise services, we also provide a large number of free tools as well as subscription based-services available to individuals and SMBs. Please check our website's menu and try our free tools. Should you need more than they provide, there are also paid versions for most tools, or we might create a special package for you if you cannot find exactly what you need.

Certifications: Our company is ISO9001 certified (quality management) via UKAS. We're also working under GDPR and bound by the other European regulations about data processing, web information etc.

Data Network: Our servers are located around the world as we aim to provide reliable access to data as well as fresh datasets that our clients can rely on for their daily business needs.

Location: We are an EU company, based in Bucharest, Romania, and we also have a presence in the UK under the same group.

Launch date: Dotible has opened for business on August 15, 2022 (beta). Many of our features and services are not yet live but they will be soon. We're working feverishly to implement full service as soon as possible, and aim to be fully operating by the end of 2022. Meanwhile you can already use any service present on the website.

Use cases: if you have specific needs, please let us know your use case, data requirements as well as any other details that you feel appropriate so we can better understand your needs and identify best solutions. We will be glad to present our quote to you based on your requirements. If needed, we will be working on implementing any new features fast, in such way that specific needs are also met with the best solution as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact us today with your needs. Thank you!

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