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Dotible: Where Domains Meet Bigdata

Dotible is a repository of domain data & tools.

We also provide an API and valuable additional information pages in our blog and help areas.

Our domain data: We are collecting data from millions of domains and websites 24/7. No matter what is the information you need, we can provide it filtered to you by the criteria requested. Multiple search features are available.

Our data provides insight for many industries, such as:
  • Network security
  • IP protection services
  • Domain statistics
  • Web statistics, website information
  • Archived data access, trends
  • Domain brokers, owners, investors
  • Web stats, general web tools and more

We have compiled extensive databases that can be queried through the tools we provide. Below is a summary of the data we hold, that can be queried via multiple criteria and exported, or via API:

Our Domain Data in Numbers:
> 130 million active domains > 250 million registered domains
> 9.2 million unique IP addresses > 2.1 million nameserver records
> 3.1 million unique reverse dns records > 45 million records of webserver software

Data Access Requests: Please contact us directly if you need bulk access to our data. There is a large number of criteria that can be selected and millions of domains you can get information about via Dotible. We would be glad to provide a quote based on your interests.

Domain Investor Tools: Some of the tools we provide are for domain investors or generally for anyone looking to valuate their domain name for example. These tools are mostly free within certain daily usage limits. You are welcome to test them using the links below.
For some of these tools there will also be a premium version that offers extra features and more performance including bulk and API access.

Free Domain Investor Tools
Premium Tools

Note: Dotible is currently in beta. We are still adding a lot of useful features.

Developing our platform to its full potential will still take a bit. However you can already enjoy the tools and data we provide.
If you have any suggestions, feature requests, even bugs you have spotted, please contact us now. Our team will be happy to learn about them and implement your suggestions and new features. Thanks!
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